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    Automatic packaging
    plant IM/A/BP/DF

    We design and distribute innovative machines and systems all over the world, offering solutions designed for the needs of artisan coffee roasters up to plants designed for big industries. We are able to manage  custom solutions, based on specific customer requests.

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    Seamers for
    tin cans

    Thanks to the study of new materials and our know-how, we are able to produce rollers for seamers that allow leak-proof seaming even in autoclave for the of tinplate cans. The same rollers can be used also for cardboard and plastic with different capacities.

  • Welders for bags

    MGR offers a range of vertical hot electrode welders for heat-sealable bags with area for lot and expiration date.


Improve the aroma

When we think of the perfume of the best espresso, the first thing that comes to mind is a unique and precise fragrance. With the protective atmosphere packaging we are able to preserve all the aromas for a long time until they are extracted to guarantee the pleasure of tasting.

Why choose our machines

Because we carefully follow the evolution of the market and listen to the customer's needs by studying ad hoc solutions, even non-standard ones. The machines we produce are characterized by:

  1. Quality: We believe in quality, which combined with the great passion handed down from two generations, allows the company to develop high quality lines and systems, always at the forefront and above all with the guarantee of Made in Italy

  2. Reliability: The reliability of the machines we produce has always been a goal for us to pursue. we work closely with our customers to produce high-performance systems that can do their job for a long time and consistently

  3. Practicality: We know that making practical and functional work instruments is a necessity as they must be managed by personnel at all levels. For this reason we design and develop functional and easy to use machines and systems

  • Pack 125g diameter 83

    For the packaging of 125 g cans with 83 mm diameter, MGR offers different solutions: seamers for tin cans, labeller, oxygen analizer, filler and doser, cans cleaning, and also automatic packaging complete plants.

  • Pack 250g diameter 99 height 129

    The characteristic and practical 250 g tinsmith is mainly used for packaging powdered and ground coffee

  • Pack 500g grinded coffee

    Ideal for packaging: ground coffee, seeds; cocoa powder, gadgets, organic flours, rice and ice-cream powders.

High technology components

Cutting-edge products, solutions and methodologies used on our machines will allow your company to achieve high quality standards in the field of packaging your products.

Cutting-edge products, solutions and methodologies used on our machines will allow your company to achieve high quality standards in the field of packaging your products.

Two generations of quality

Combining innovation and experience, cutting-edge and maturity, technology and competence, produce machines of superior quality. This has always been our mission. Our history is made of reliable, safe products, in constant technological evolution. These 54 years of experience and success allow us to look forward to a future full of new projects, expansion and renewal.

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How to preserve the

the secret of an aroma and a perfume capable of lasting over time

How much passion and care in preparing a quality product. We dedicate ourselves for months, trying to find the perfect balance, the best ingredients and then ... just a bad...

07 2019
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